Investments in the Technology Sector and Establishement of Startups in Portugal

Portugal is a top country in providing technological services. It has a workforce available, flexible, dedicated and productive, with a high level of education in business oriented areas, with an academic education among the most qualified in Europe and 61% of Portuguese speak at least one foreign language.

These factors are combined with national and community incentives for entrepreneurship, qualification, innovation and internationalization, as well as tax benefits for the creation of companies and the personal investor through the Non-Resident Regime.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Lisbon has grown exponentially in recent years, thanks also to the development of several incubation spaces and reference coworking, which support entrepreneurs at relatively low costs.

Lisbon has positioned itself as a Startup City on an international scale, with a growing number of international entrepreneurs choosing the Portuguese capital to launch their ideas, products and services. The city was recently ranked among the top ten "Startup Cities" in the World (Source: Entrepreneur Magazine). But in other cities of the country there are also technological centers allied to university institutions of excellence that have increasingly attracted the attention of foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

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Integrated service from the creation of the most appropriate structure, obtaining the financial incentives available, to support the maintenance of the business, creating bridges with partners and supporting integration into the Portuguese market.


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