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Following the EU Council recommendation about the restrictive measures on air traffic for the European Union, the Portuguese government has new guidelines to help on the combat to COVID-19, namely:


  1. Authorize flights to and from Portugal to and from the EU, Schengen area and the UK.


  1. Authorize flights from countries with a positive epidemiological assessment, these being, Algeria, Canada, South Korea, Morocco, Tunisia, and China.


It is important to clarify that the air restrictions are based on the epidemiological evolution of the countries, being the same evaluated every 15 days, to do justice to the reality of the epidemiological curves of each country.


  1. Forbid flights to and from Portugal to or from countries outside the EU or countries outside the Schengen area, except for:
  • Flights from Portuguese-speaking countries.
  • Flights from Brazil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro cities)
  • Flights from the United States of America.

These exceptions are only applicable to EU nationals or nationals of one of the Schengen countries and family members or other citizens with residency in an EU country.

The exceptions are also applicable when third-country nationals are travelling on or for, work, study, family reunion, health, or humanitarian reasons and provided that the country allows the same right to a Portuguese citizen.

To enter in Portugal, passengers of such flights must present proof of a COVID-19 test, with a negative result, carried out in the last 72 hours before boarding. Let us underline that, If you have a COVID-19 test, carried out in the last 72 hours you will not be forced to take a test at the airport.

Passengers travelling without a negative test to COVID-19 will be tested at the airport and unless they are Portuguese or a foreign national residing in Portugal, they will not be able to enter if they refuse to do so.

These new measures came out to prevent the entry and circulation in Portugal of untested passengers from countries or regions of epidemiological risk. The countries are defined according to a fortnightly evaluation, to minimize the risk of new outbreaks of contagion.

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