Welcome to AGPC Business & Investments

AGPC is a One-Stop Shop, pioneer in integrated investment advice and business development, aimed at following up the investor and the entrepreneur from the set-up of the strategy to the implementation and maintenance of the project in Portugal.

It provides turnkey solutions, ensuring that all necessary services to carry out an investment are duly provided by an integrated team of experienced and accredited professionals in each specific area. With AGPC the investor does not need to seek for countless authorities and service providers, saves time and gets the final operational costs reduced.

In our unique team, the Client finds a sole partner able to solve all the challenges an investment presents, to whom he or she can trust the permanent monitoring of the whole process. We make sure everything runs smoothly so the investor may focus on the business, travel abroad or simply enjoy the country´s multiple pleasures without worries.


About AGPC Investments - Why choose us to be your partner in Portugal?

The long experience in following-up foreign investors and companies that operate in Portugal has led to the conviction that providing legal and tax services is insufficient for the investor and the entrepreneur who, in the development of their businesses, have to address to various entities, namely in the areas of accounting, financial consulting, applications for funding and incentives, banking, mediation and real estate evaluation, real estate reconstruction and rehabilitation, insurance, among others.

Given the need to find and interact with all these entities in the Portuguese market, the entrepreneur ends up spending a lot of time and money, having to articulate services and timings and dealing with each one separately.

AGPC aims at overcoming this challenge by offering a comprehensive response that allows to advise and attend our Clients on the various necessary aspects for strategy development, execution of the investment plan, asset management and business development.